We have been experiencing problems with the syringe tips for applying adhesive into the slot.  Standard metal blunt tipped syringe needles are prone to clogging and frequently the adhesive is difficult to apply in an even and controlled way.  They can also be difficult to clean.

An alternative is the clear tapered syringe tips available from Preservation Equipment Limited, UK.  These tips are made from flexible translucent plastic with a diameter of 0.041mm.  This will allow a more even flow of adhesive, whilst the flexibility of the tip enables smoother and more accurate application.  The flexibility and translucency of the tips also makes cleaning easier and more effective.  They are sold in packs of 10, catalogue reference is 870-1055  from www.preservationequipment.com.  Any feedback would be welcome.

Victoria Stevens


Slitting blades supplier?

October 3, 2008

Jeff recently recommended using carbide slitting blades instead of the high speed steel ones originally specified.  These are manufactured in the US by Johnson Carbide (see link on blog homepage) and distributed through MacMaster-Carr.  I have tried to find a UK supplier of solid carbide blades, ideally with the same hole diameter of 1/2″ to avoid the need to modify the machine.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a UK supplier?  Victoria