Board Slotter Light

April 22, 2009



I bought this small led light at a local hardware store.  Not only does it come with three batteries, a ball head and a magnet, but it only cost USD 2.99.  It is easy to either clip on to around the blade guards, or the magnet will stick to any steel nut or bolt.  It is obviously not extremely well made, and the vibration of the machine causes it to vibrate excessively, but it is quick to take it on or off.  It would also be fairly easy to make a small stand, out of binders board to mount it on. This light could be useful in a number of instances where one needs a simple, quick way to get a little more light and color temperature is not important– into the gutter of a signature while sewing?




Added on May 6, 2009

I guess I’m not the first one to want more light while sewing.  The illustration below is from C.E. Prediger, Der Buchbinder und Futteralmacher, Vol. II.  Anspach, Frankfort & Leipzig, 1745.



4 Responses to “Board Slotter Light”

  1. Oh, that looks good. We have a desk light near the slotter now but it can’t really get close enough without getting in the way.

  2. vks1 Says:

    This looks great. I’ll look into finding similarly priced alternatives in the UK and post my findings. Increased light when positioning the entry point of the blade would be beneficial to slotting accuracy. Frequently, the leather colour and the boards are difficult to distinguish from each other and the head and blade further obscure a clear view. So a clip on light like this would help greatly.

    Victoria Stevens

  3. vks1 Says:

    After looking at several possible lights, we have bought the following:

    This has a 360 degree swivel head and a very good strong clip. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a magnet but is fine when it is clipped to the lower side of the left hand perspex blade guard. The size is ideal, measuring a maximum of 60mm x 40mm. The LED light provides great illumination to the board edge and is perfect for initial positioning of the blade. It comes with a lithium battery. All this for £2.76!


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