Blade Longevity

October 16, 2008

We’ve been using carbide blades at Columbia and keeping track of how many boards we slot to get an idea of the life of these things. We have a 1/64″ (which doesn’t get as much use), and a 1/32″. Jeff tells me the old blades were able to slot 10 boards before they were exhausted, but the first carbide blade we put on our machine went through 102 before I retired it so it seems like a good investment. (Less time wasted switching out & disposing of blades, too.)

I think these blades can be resharpened also, right? We haven’t looked into where to do that just yet.


2 Responses to “Blade Longevity”

  1. Jeff Peachey Says:

    Johnson Carbide, link on the right.

  2. vks1 Says:

    When we bought our blades I asked Johnson Carbide about resharpening. They quote individually for resharpening but as a rough guide their re-sharpening charge is approximately 30% of the price with a 2-3 week lead time. I presume the blades can be sharpened many times.

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