September 30, 2008

I recently purchased two items that make the slotting experience easier and more pleasant- optisight magnifier and the Shure SE110 noise isolating earphones.  The Optisight visor is much lighter and more comfortable than the usual Optivisor, and it comes with three diopters- a 1.75x that has a viewing distance of 14″, a 2x (10″) and a 2.5x (8″).  The make aligning the blade position with the board much easier.  I use them for many other conservation tasks as well, and they are fairly inexpensive.  But then again, I’m over 40.

Most slotting machines use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and most vacuum’s tend to be fairly loud.  It might be difficult to get your institution to provide these, but the Shure SE110 earbuds, with the foam inserts, significantly reduce annoyance, and well as being very good quality headphones.  I often wait to slot until I have a batch of boards, and not having that annoying whine in my ears for a couple of hours made these well worth the expense.  Since they block out a fair amount of outside noise, you can listen to your ipod at lower sound levels, which preserves your hearing, at least that’s how I justified their expense.